For The Future

When I was awakened as a shaman, I discovered America did not have its own Native form of shamanism. So I developed Concrete Shamanism as a form of shamanism for now and for the future. Ancient rituals and ceremonies just wouldn't work in our modern culture.

Madonna and the Matrix

You cannot excise a shaman from the culture he was born into so naturally I use pop culture in my healing modalities. Don't be surprised if during a session I reference The Little Mermaid. Madonna music is a heavy influence.

The Spirits Are Playful

There are many painful obstacles for the Concrete Shaman to overcome. But in general the spirits I work with are very playful and eager to help. As am I.

Go Hard Or Go Home

Concrete Shamanism rips the band-aid off. If you want soft and gentle, you won't find it here. Yes there will be tears. But you'll be healed.

I've Been There

Whatever you are going through, I've been there in some form. The spirits trained me well and it was not easy. I have great powers of empathy and can especially help those who are victims of abuse

More Questions?

If you have an inquiry about Concrete Shamanism just email me concrete7@gmail.com