Frequently Asked Questions

How Did You Become A Shaman?

Essentially, I was killed by the spirits and then brought back to life. At first I understood I was to be a "psychic medium healer helper" since I had no idea what a shaman was. Then I started making videos about my experiences which drew the attention of other shamans and spiritual people. They told me I was going through the shamanic death and that I was becoming a shaman.

How Were You Trained To Be A Shaman?

I was led through a series of trainings and exercises designed by the spirits and my elder shaman. Some of these happened in this reality while others held in spiritual constructs or in other dimensions. Through these I came to understand the nature of reality, of life after death and how I could help people. I take this very seriously.

Why Did You Change Your Name From Eric Durchholz?

I am a walk-in soul. The former soul "Eric" left the body and I came in. I chose to go by my birth name of Patrick John Coleman. Eric Durchholz was an adopted name. I still write books and fiction using that name but for all purposes "Eric" is gone.

What Are Your Sessions Like?

It depends on what is required. I will do a consultation first to see if we'd work well together. Soul retrievals can be intense. Overall I am easy going and a good listener. 

Do You Exorcise demons?

No. That is not my job.

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